Mentoring Philosophy




Mentoring  is at the heart of our programs.  It is offered in a variety ways;  one- on-one adult mentoring, peer- to- peer mentoring, group mentoring, and parental mentoring.  Whatever form it takes, we strive to give girls the tools to navigate through life successfully with the aim to inspire them to become their best selves.  

Our requests for one- on-one mentoring usually comes from the parents or schools.  If we observe that a girl is need of mentoring, we consult with the parent, and  an appropriate match is sought.

Peer-to- peer mentoring offers girls at risk the opportunity to hear from their peers and discuss issues in a safe community of their peers: additionally peer-to-peer mentoring provides the foundation to solidify healthy and trusting peer relationships.

Group mentoring has been quite effective with our girls.  Subject matter adult/professional facilitators share their knowledge and lead interactive discussions on relevant topics such as bullying, self-esteem, healthy and unhealthy relationships. Girls are inspired and motivated to reach their full potential. 


You will find as you visit one of our sessions, parents are involved and present in our meetings. However, there are also parents who struggle with parenting and for this reason we have launched a “Moms” group.

We continue to recruit volunteer mentors who are compassionate, caring and nurturing individuals, and who are willing to share their lives, knowledge and experience with our girls on a one-to-one basis.

GOF mentors may be professionals, leaders, high school students,  parents, and other adults from the community, churches and congregations. 

To serve as mentor, please contact Jocelyn Whitfield at 410-312-0738 or