Program Services

The Girls on Fire Mentoring and Enrichment Program serves girls 8-12 years of age. Using the Arts, group discussions and mentoring, this program offers girls a variety of enrichment activities to build their self-esteem and confidence, discover and develop their gifts, talents and develop their leadership potential.  

The Leadership Development Academy (LDA) provides a bridge for teen girls who are no longer age eligible for the Girls on Fire Mentoring and Enrichment Program.  Girls 13-17 may continue their growth and development. LDA girls are engaged in activities and learning experiences that encourage academic success, civic responsibility, prepare them for their career path as well as connect them with women leaders in varied professions who serve as mentors. 

To give our girls real world experiences, they are given the option to go on field trips to visit places of historic, cultural, artistic and scientific significance.

The program is staffed  by volunteers; a Director, Assistant to the Director, and a Leadership team of  professionals and parents who plan and implement the program activities. Each program is led by team leaders.  

Through our  collaborative partnerships with the University of Maryland 4- H and the Reginald F. Lewis Museum girls participate in STEM activities and are involved in youth development workshops and cultural events.